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A little bit about me, my family and my scrapbooking - enjoy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tonight we had pictures for the church directory. We've been included in the church's phone directory every year, but I still can't get over the fact that we've been in the same place and in the same parish long enough to be part of the photo directory. In other words, I'm feeling old. The directory pictures were OK and I wouldn't recommend the family wearing white shirts again - the proofs looked a little washed out and I rarely like photos of myself (that's why I'm usually the one taking the pictures). But I couldn't resist snapping a couple pictures of the kids beforehand. It's not often they are both dressed up and clean at the same time. I have no idea why Ryan decided to include the tiger in the picture. Honestly, it was probably the last thing he saw when he left the room, hence, it's now the most important thing he has and needs to be included in the picture. 

I don't scrapbook chronologically, but I do put my albums together chronologically. So you'll notice that my blog will and does contain layouts - some current, some not. Also, the majority of the layouts I scrapbook are 2-page spreads - it just makes it easier when I add layouts to the books I already have put together. However, when I do a 1-page layout, as I did with the Erin and Paige layout, I try to do a 1-page layout of the next event and I also try to use coordinating products and elements. Again, the products used on this layout are from Stampin Up and the letters are Quickutz.

This past December, a group of neighbors purchased several sets of holiday crafts from Oriental Trading and then divided them up in hopes it'd keep the kids busy throughout the oh so long month of December. It was a great filler when the kids got bored. We even planned a day for the kids to get together and work on the crafts. Here's the results. Ryan was the only boy and yes, he did finish a couple crafts. But, of course, he has to be different and is holding a Batman action figure (yes, I know it's not a doll) in the picture.

Monday, February 22, 2010

This year I set a couple scrapbook-related goals. One is to use supplies I own as much as possible. Another, because I know I'm weak, is to use supplies that I buy right away and not let them sit around waiting for that perfect photo or layout idea.

Here's a quick layout I put together that makes good of my second goal. I used Stampin Up's new paper pack and Sweet Pea felt. I love the texture the felt adds to the page.

The photos are of Erin and her friend Paige hanging out for the afternoon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Mom - come look at my science project." Hmmm, not exactly what I want to hear out of Ryan's mouth while he stands in the hallway anxiously waving me into the bathroom. His science project was a cup of water with various things dissolving in it including a piece of Pez candy, toothpaste and hand soap. There were a few other things in there, but he wouldn't tell me what they were.

I'm guessing the idea for this science project came from a Target dollar spot book of science experiments I had bought for Erin. As far as I know, the only experiment Erin has done was to dissolve a gummy bear in a cup of water. Ryan has since expanded the experiment and periodically tries to dissolve things in water. I love Target, but need to learn to stay away from the dollar section.  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night John and I celebrated an early Valentine's dinner at Biaggi's in Eden Prairie. It was kind of strange not having the kids with as we rarely go out to eat, or anywhere for that matter, without them. I had mentioned to John a while ago that we should make a point of having a date night once a month and doing something together - just the two of us. Erin overheard and said, "Why?" Hmmm - well, that's all the further I got with that one.

I hope you got to celebrate with someone special or that you did something special for yourself this weekend.